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Greater Victoria, BC:   250-483-4052

Canada/USA Toll-free: 1-866-MAC-GEEK

Apple Remote Desktop is a robust and flexible tool for providing remote support to clients. It allows me to observe or control your screen, upload and download files, get reports on the status and configuration of your Mac, and run Unix terminal commands. Stage 2 remote support uses Apple Remote Desktop plus MacGeek4Hire Connect, a simple program that makes your Mac visible on the internet whenever you need help. You simply start the MacGeek4Hire Connect program, then call to confirm that I am available for a remote support session. I will ask you for your external IP address, which is displayed in blue at the top of the MacGeek4Hire Connect window. I will use that address to connect to your Mac with Apple Remote Desktop.

To use this solution, your Mac must be running at least Mac OS X 10.4, and you need to have a high speed internet connection. If you want your Mac constantly monitored or you have several Macs on your network, your router may need to be properly configured or special settings may need to be made in MacGeek4Hire Connect. If you want to use Stage 2 remote support, the first step is to contact me with a request to set up an account. I will send you the necessary files and setup instructions, or I can set it up for you using Stage 1 remote support.

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